Picnic day organised by Six Gam Patidar UK

Picnic day organised by Six Gam Patidar UK


Post code: HA2 6Y

Street address: Headstone Lane.

July 7th 2024 2:00- 7:00PM

Picnic and funday to meet Bhadran and six gam relative, extended families, our friends guests and sponsors at this fantastic gathering!BBS cordially invites all member families to Picnic of 6gam

Please see below invitation for the event, we request your RSVP at your earliest convenience. Please commit and support this event, so we can make the appropriate arrangements as soon as possible and to make the event a success.

We do invite present helpers & volunteers. Welcome our elders, previous hosts and any family members. We invite any members and extended families who wish to sponsor or contribute substantial charitable funds for chosen charities.


LOCATION Blue Room: Post code HA26Y, Headstone Lane.

Contribute towards all six gam social organisations.

  • Current issues
  • Future plans
  • Required changes
  • Youth
  • Education
  • Possible and expected improvements
  • Process Changes
  • Citizens Support and Co-operation
  • Health
  • Climate
  • Historical references
  • Related Links

Do suggest or contacts wishing to be sponsors and future hosts.

Please inform who and confirm with them first by yourself, only on their approval we can accept contributions. It is our pleasure to welcome if they can attend meet our friends and families.
Inform in advance to organise the numbers of hosts & special guests soon as possible.
A special request to the existing and past trustees by president to take leading role at this event. And to be present for entire length of the event. All members, and trustees kindly support BBS and Six gam joint events.

Individual gam, events, and their agenda including future information available as by updates available, or request by email and social media contacts of individual representative organisations.

Thank you all


Bimal Patel
Bhadran Bandhu Samaj UK

Please note: Due to limited space and time entry seating arrangement and availability, sixgam interest group Criteria And/or Membership rules may be applied. Venue Establishment rules, owners and organisers reserves right of entry.