Famous People Of Bhadran

We should never forget the following remarkable people from our town that have contributed to its proud name!

Late Shree Dr. Jamnadas C. Patel


Dr J.C.Patel
Dr J.C.Patel

Dr J.C.Patel who studied at Bombay University was an Honorary Physician at several hospitals.

  • He founded the Diabetics Unit in 1959 and the Haematology Department in 1965 at KEM Hospital.
  • He was a fellow founder of the National Academy of Medical Science in New Delhi in 1961 and a member of its Council from 1973 to 1976.
  • He held executive positions in the Association of Physician of India and was a Life Member of the Association of occupational Health, the Indian Society of Haematology, the Diabetic Association of India, Indian Medical Association and Bombay Haematology.

Late Shree Ramanbhai Becharbhai Patel                                                         


Late Shree. Ramanbhai B.Patel
  • Ramanbhai B.Patel graduated from L.M.College of Pharmacy and dedicated his life to research.
  • He created a small pharmaceutical company against many odds in Ahmedabad. The Company, Cadila Laboratories, eventually became very successful and is now the sixth largest pharmaceutical group. The Company is now operated by Ramanbhai B. Patel’s son Pankajbhai.
  • Ramanbhai was an active member of many organisations such as the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Association, The Pharmacy Council of India and The Gujarat State Pharmacy Council.
  • He promoted pharmaceutical education throughout Gujarat by giving lectures at Universities.
  • He received many awards including the ‘Eminent Pharmacist’ Award and the Gujarat Businessman Award by the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Shree Manibhai Fulabhai Patel      

Freedom FighterLate  

  • Born in 1910, he completed high school and moved on to graduate from Gujarat University.
  • With his heart filled with patriotism and spirit inspired by Mahatma Gandhiji’s Freedom Fighting Movement, he joined the famous ‘Dandikuch’ and then went on to protest against the British where his family went to jail several times in protest.
  • He received prestigious recognition ‘Swatantra Senani’ (Soldiers for Freedom) by Gujarat Government and by the Prime Minister of India.
  • He was involved in numerous honorary and voluntary activities in Bhadran Gujarat. Additionally, he held an honorary position in Cooperative Bank, ‘Mitra Mandal’ Hospital and was a trustee for Ranchod Raiji Temple.
  • He was also a founder of a Gymnasium.

Late Shree Chunibhai F. Patel 


Late Shree Chunibhai F. Patel
Late Shree Chunibhai F. Patel
  • Born: 21st November 1912. Died: 29th April 1984
  • For Chunibhai Fulabhai Patel simplicity and family values were practised intensively. He was the younger of the two sons and his family was always ready to help others.
  • He as a young man was patriotic and had a spirit to fight against the British and inspiration from Gandhiji’s movement made him join the ‘Dandikuch’ He dropped his studies and went to jail for protesting against the British.
  • When released from jail after the British settled with Gandhiji, he joined his father’s business of tobacco and Ghee.
  • His father’s small business started flourishing during the Second World War period and he started dealing in Tobacco and his clients included many famous names.
  • He donated locally in Bhadran, state-wide and beyond, in particularly Pragati Mandal of Bhadran is very familiar with his unpublished financial help.

Late Shree Shivabhai Ashabhai  Patel

Visionary Man

  • Born 7th July 1899 in Dharmaj.
  • He has done primary education in Gujarat then attended St. Xavier College of Economics and Business in Bombay.
  • In 1920-21, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s movement he became a freedom fighter along with his whole family.
  • In 1921 he became Minister of Borsad Taluka and led the freedom fighting movement from the area. He and his family went to jail in this freedom movement.
  • After independence, for many years he worked as a ‘Sarpanch’ of Bhadran and did many activities to uplift the villages in the area.
  • Shri Shivabhai was the founder of many education establishments including public and private schools, gymnasium and an Arts and Science College in Bhadran. He was the President of ‘Pragati Mandal’ for several years.

Late Shree Ambubhai Hirabhai Patel  

Freedom Fighter

Late Shree Ambubhai Hirabhai Patel
  • Born: 12th March 1919 in Karamsad, Died: 25th December 1977.
  • At the age of 7 his fondness of Mahatma Gandhi started to show
  • By the age of 9 he was fully involved in the Movement for Freedom of India.
  • He wrote freedom slogans (“QUIT INDIA”) on walls in Bhadran, which can still be seen today. For this he ended up in jail 3 times.
  • At the age of 23 he was sent to Africa where again he joined in a freedom movement called the Mau Mau Movement where he learnt to help the poor and needy people.
  • He once visited the Machacos and saw how native people were suffering without water and how they had to travel far to get it, so he decided to get donations from wealthy people in Nairobi and made wells in Machacos province.
  • He travelled back to Bhadran in 1969 and noticed the Bhadranwasi needed to know the history of Bhadran. He collected the information from the people of Bhadran and started Bhadran Serva Sangrah, a Patrika every month

Late Shree Vasudevbhai Tulsibhai Patel

Bhadran as a Village will always be proud and for ever be grateful for his excellent work and his dedication to change lives of many trough his lifetime work.                           

Bhadran Improvement Projects

  • Late Shri Vasudevbhai Patel was an esteemed member of Bhadran and has given his total dedication in constructing and refurbishing various buildings and improving the general lifestyles, education, health & Leisure facilities for all Bhadranwasi.
  • Born in Bhadran in 1934, he did most of his early education in the Bhadran Town, he qualified as a civil construction engineer in 1959 and practiced in Uganda for many years and then came to London where in 1968 he became a chartered engineer.
  • He continued to show vision in designing construction and refurbishing Bhadran in his retirement time by using both his funds.
  • With the additional help of many generous donors from around the world completed several projects within Bhadran which continues to facilitate even basic needs like water supply for people of Bhadran.
  • He constantly raised awareness with the help of BBS UK and Bhadran Samaj of USA. (click here for more information on Shree Vasudevbhai Improvement Projects).
  • Bhadran as a Village will always be proud and for ever be grateful for his excellent work and his dedication to change lives of many trough his lifetime work.

Mr Rasikbhai Manibhai Patel


Mr Rasikbhai.Manibhai.Patel
Humanitarian and Charitable Work with long term personal interest and sincere commitments

Mr Vinodbhai Dhayahbhai Patel               


Personal experiences. charitable heart with kindness and commitments

Late Shri Manubhai Ishwarbhai Patel


  • Born: 18th March 1918, Died: 14th December 2002
  • An extremely educated man who completed primary and secondary education in Bhadran, then he completed his graduation B.Sc. with Chemistry at Pune.
  • After completing his education he went Kenya and there he joined “Meeghaji Pethraj and Company” as a chemist  He gained experience of administration and marketing too, then he joined Total Oil Company and built a total House.
  • Later on he started his own business under the name and style of “Antifrication Bearing Company” under Japanese collaboration. A branch was established in Bombay and Bharuch too.
  • Remembering his past experiences and the benefits derived due to education, he generously donated funds for education purposes and helped and to establish the “English Medium School, in Bhadran”
  • For more information on the English Medium School in Bhadran please visit: http://mipbedbhadran.org/

Late Shree Dr. P C Patel


  • Had offered two precious rooms near the Model Cinema on Gandhi Road, free of charge for Chh Gam Patidar Mandal to use as there office from 1968 to 1971.

Late Shree Madhubhai C. Patel


  • A past secretary of Chh Gam Patidar Mandal (1969) he offered a spacious underground room, free of charge for the running of the Mandal after 1971 for many years.  He was also a freedom fighter and a strict follower of Mahatma Gandhi; he wore a Khadi dress for the whole of his life, and donated for the wonder Davrajo Bhagol building on station road.  BBS UK became very fond of this building and adopted as our official logo.

Late Shree Lallubhai Shah


  • Built a beautiful clock tower in the centre of Bazaar, to this day it keep people aware of the time!

Late Shree Hirabhai Ashabhai Patel


  • Brother of Late Shree Shivabhai Ashabhai Patel
  • Donated for a small scale home industries for women and general dispensary

Late Shree Maganbhai Shakarbhai Patel


  • Donated for a maternity home.

Late Shree Shivabhai Laloobhai Patel


  • Donated for a shopping centre.

Late Shree Gagabhai Hirabhai Patel


  • Donated for a rest house.

Late Shree Jetthabhai Narayanbhai Patel


  • Donated for Shambhooprasad Borarding House.

Late Shree Maganbhai Kashbhai Patel


Late Shree Maganbhai Dalpatbhai Patel

Late Shree Maganbhai Wagajbhai Patel

  • Donated for a general library, library for kids and library for women respectably.

Late Shree Jethabhai  Patel

Health and wellbeing

  • Donated for a gymnasium.

Late Shree Tulsibhai Nakorbhai Amin


  • Donated for a children’s nursery and a girls and boys high school.

Late Shree Chunibhai Fulabhai Patel


Late Shree Manibhai Fulabhai Patel

Late Shree Chatturbhai Kashbhai Patel

Late Shree Korbhai Motibhai Patel

  • Donated generously toward the Arts & Science Collage in 1964.

Late Shree Rambhai Ambalal Patel


  • Donated 15 Lakhs Rupees towards the Commerce College in his name.

ate Shri Ambalal Muljibhai Patel (Dada Bhagwan)                                  

Spiritual Leader

Late Shri Ambalal Muljibhai Patel
Late Shri Ambalal Muljibhai Patel Dada Bhagwan

These are only the few that we know about from  Bhadran

Many more and recent years leaders, supporters of charity or humanitarian work at large.                                                                                                                                                                                     If you know of any more people of Bhadran with leadership, commitments, charitable work in any fields of life round the world and have achieved done great work then please contact us on website@bhadran.com providing full information and a photograph if you have one.

BBS Pioneers, Founder members, Trustees. UK community leaderships & guidance. 

Shree C B PatelAsian News and Media, including Gujarat Samachar UK


With or without mentioned names here out of choice or by in-updated records. We are all extremely gratefully, honored and proud of the following people and families who have donated generously and warm heart the full cost of our previous AGM’s.  They have provided us with a venue with food and drink for all Bhadranwasi families and married daughters and sisters with their families to meet and greet once year under one roof. By doing so it helps BBS continue in providing direct or indirect help, when possible to people and organizations in need, for supporting charitable causes.



Mr Kanubhai Maganbhai Patel


Mr C B Patel

BBS Founder member, Trustee and community leadership, guidance.  Asian News and Media, including Gujrat Samachar UK


Mr Rambhai J. Patel


Mr Kantibhai T. Patel


Mr Rasikbhai P. Patel


The family of Late Mr Natubhai Manibhai Patel and Late Mrs Lalitaben Natubhai Patel of Alkapuri, Nani Khadki, Bhadran (Copywell, Hammersmith) 


Family members of Late Mr Ghanshyambhai Ambalal Patel & Late Mrs Vimaben

Ghanshyambhai  Patel (sons – Prafulbhai ,Mukeshbhai, Prakashbhai & Bharatbhai daughters – Rakshaben & Vatsalaben)


Mr Jagdishbhai M. Patel





Mr Mayurbhai H. Patel


Mr Dhirubhai Vallavbhai Patel


Mr Raojibhai Manibhai Ishvarbhai Patel (jeeravad & Mrs Sushilaben R Patel of Uneek Forwarding Ltd


Mr Hansrajbhai Dhanjibhai Patel – in memory of his late wife Mrs Snehlataben H Patel


The family of Late Mr Natubhai Manibhai Patel and Late Mrs Lalitaben Natubhai Patel of Alkapuri, Nani Khadki, Bhadran (Copywell, Hammersmith

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