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Bhadran.com not only allows you to get in touch with your roots by visiting the town’s history but it’s a great opportunity to reunite with old friends, neighbors and even out of touch family members. BBS is an organisation dedicated to the idea that the descendants from Bhadran are educated about where their ancestors came from and that BBS youth continue to keep in contact with their roots. Additionally, as a charity organisation it is continually raising funds for good charitable cause, improve and support educational and health issues here and in India or simply rejuvenate Bhadran’s facilities for people at large in Bhadran and in Gujarat to improve the quality of life of its current and future inhabitants as well as contributing in other areas.

Find out more Visit Bhadran Bandhu Samaj UK online frequently. Do participate or to contact committee members, view past events and plan for future events. You can also look through updated photos of progress in Bhadran, past events and fellow Bhadranwasi’s.

Ourrange of charitable activitiesare dedicated towards Education & training, The advancement of health or saving of lives Support and help People with Disability
Dedicate our efforts for the prevention or relief of poverty, Supporting Disaster Relief. We also support UK Charities by fundraising

Overseas Organizationsupport to field based overseas aid worker/famine relief

Our activities relates to Indian village facilities development supporting in relation to health, clean water and sanitation, women’s health and well-being, children’s and adult education and science.
Additional fund raising is also organised through UK based Religious activities for community at times linked with fund raising events
Community festivities Arts, Cultural events generally linked with Indian heritage.