Come and join us all BBS and affiliated organisations welcomed have fun meet people eat good food & drink!

We are in the process of setting up our official BBS Youth Committee. 

If you would like to make a difference, be actively involved in organising events and raising money for various charities then we need YOU!!!

We would like this committee to be formed with members from the ages of 16 to 35 to provide a even cross range and cater to all types of events.  We are looking for school, collage and university students mixed in with young working professionals.

The formation of BBS Youth will take us one step closer to securing the future of

our samaj, culture and heritage in this country. 

We already have some members and have raised a sufficient fund set up in our name, so we are almost ready to go!!! 

If you are interested in joining then please click here

If we receive enough applications, we will contact you and hold a election meeting in May to form our committee.

“This is BBS as a charity organisation. We rae proud to announce through the dedication from our committee members and support from the growing Bhadran community we now have around 700 committed families in touch with the charity. After pandamic the numbers of organised events throughout the years has increased whereby the Kite Festival has proved to be a particularly memorable one.

The launch of has proved to be an extremely positive move for BBS UK, where descendants of Bhadran have got in contact with us from all over the world.

I would like to urge all people from Bhadran and friends of Bhadranwasi’s to get in touch, encourage your children to attend our events and participate in letting BBS to reach even more families!” 

– Ruchi Patel and Kimaya Patel BBS Youth

We want to encourage all Bhadran Youth up to the age of 30 to join our mailing list.

To join the BBS Youth, please fill in the ONLINE form

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Badran Gam Youth and Cultural activities

Bradran Youth USA

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