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About Bhadran Bandhu Samaj UK (BBS)
About Bhadran Bandhu Samaj UK (BBS)
Bhadran Bandhu Samaj was formed in 1982, by a group of dedicated hard working individuals committed to making a difference and serving their community both in Bhadran in India. in State of Gujarat and here in the UK. 
The first committee consisted of the following members:
Chairman Shree Rambhai J. Patel  
Vice – Chairman Shree Niranjaibhai P. Patel  
President Shree Chandrakant Babubhai Patel (CB)  
Vice President Shree Kanubhai M. Patel  
General Secretary Shree Jasbhai P. Patel  
Vice Secretary Shree Narendrabhai D. Patel  
Treasurer  Shree Rasikbhai M. Patel  
“Bhadran” is the name of our native town in India.

Organisation’s meaningfull name: “Bandhu” means brothers or togetherness and “Samaj” meaning society. The term “Bhadranwasi” is used to describe the community members that originate from the town of Bhadran.
As the name implies Bhadran Bandhu Samaj (UK) is a community organisation of men and women whose roots are in Bhadran their native town in the state of Gujarat, western India
At times name is short formed to BBS UK.
BBS UK is engaged in the services of all the British Bhadranwasis families and the world wide diaspora, together with Bhadran itself.  Sons of Bhadran were visiting the UK for further studies and legal matters since the early part of 19th century.  Even in the first quarter of the twentieth century a few families had already settled in Britain. “Wind of change” encouraged hundreds of Bhadranwasis who had been British citizens to come to the mother country from Fiji, several countries of Africa and India itself. By the end of the ‘1970’s Britain had its own vibrant Bhadranwasi Community.
In May 1982 Dr. Jamnadas C Patel a world renowned diabetic doctor from Mumbai came with two other colleagues to spread awareness and raise funds for a hospital in Bhadran and approached C B Patel. India. C B Patel was taken in by Dr Jamnadas’s vision and wanted to help make a difference he called upon all the Bhadranwasi families he knew to a special meeting which was held on the 27th May 1982 in the offices of Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice, the first official meeting and formation of Bhadran Bandhu Samaj (UK). Dr Jamnadas, Shree Ratilal Bhailalbhai Patel (a banker) & Shree Jayantibhai Manibhai Patel from Mumbai presented the details of the Bhadran hospital to over 100 Bhadranwasis.  Dr Jamnadas explained that without any discrimination of caste, creed and residence, the current hospital is serving Bhadran and nearby villages such as Bhadrania, Valvod, Gajnaa, Bamangam, Siswa, Borsad, Anklao etc.   Dr Jamnadas explained the need of expanding the hospital with a maternity ward, modern equipments and providing a free of charge diagnostic care and medicines to the patients.  Within few weeks Rs 1.2 million was collected for the maternity wing and further large sum of £25,000 was placed in a fixed bank account, the interest of which was available for running cost of the hospital to a very large extend.
Over the years CB Patel was succeeded by Shree Rasikbhai M. Patel (1985 – 1988), Shree Jasbhai P. Patel (1988 – 1993), Shree Sirishbhai M. Patel (1993 – 1995), Smt Snehlataben R. Patel (1995 – 1996), Shree Jagdishbhai M. Patel (1996 – 1997), Shree Rajeshbhai B. Patel (1997 – 2000) and Shree Jairajbhai M. Bhadranwala as the Presidents and they were supported by capable and committed secretaries, treasures, trustees and executive committee members. Shree Jairajbhai Bhadranwala has been serving as the President since 2000. In recent years Mrs Nirupa Patel followed by Bimal Patel has served as The President

With their and personal efforts of individual committee members, their family memeber as well as tremendous support from Friends. Special thanks to our affiliated organizations and community at large. Over the years, we have seen BBS grow in strength to strength, it has adapted and changed with the times, but its roots, values and original vision is still the same to provide a platform for community at large to excel and raise awareness towards charitable causes and fund raising. Good deeds for both Bhadan and the UK.  BBS is just one of many such organisations that exist in the UK. With affiliated organisation BBS also belong to a group of six towns know as “Chh Gam” , each Gam has now established itself with the UK with similar structures and organisation as well as activities.  Each year all six hold an individual gathering as well as one for all six.
Over the years BBS has organised many events for all ages such as Navratri festival with Indian folk dance known as Garba and Rass, Gujarati Natak Stage plays, day trips,Kite festivals and fun days etc the main aim to unite the community and provide them with exciting and enjoyable events. Our two main and most successful events which take place annually is our summer family picnic, which over the years has adapted and grown bigger and in the last few years took new direction by incorporating the Indian festival of Uttarayan (meaning kite flying) and adding a mini mela with stalls, children’s entertainment, live music and lots of food and drink.  This has been BBS’s most successful move yet with a record number in turnout!!!  Our second annual event is the AGM this is usually held in September or October, prior to this event the BBS committee hold an election and nominations are invited for various posts if any changes occur then the new positions take effect after the AGM.
The main aim of the AGM is to bring the UK community together under one roof to meet and greet family and friends as well as to keep the community updated with all BBS related news from the previous year and forthcoming details.
BBS UK donates and raises money for many causes such as Cancer Research and natural disasters such as the Gujarat Earthquake appeal and the Tsunami.  In 1993 we made another milestone by registering as UK charity; this enabled us to continue our charitable work more effectively.  (Since its formation, Bhadran Bandhu Samaj has endeavoured to serve the members in UK and support various projects and activities in Bhadran and elsewhere.   In 2007 we successfully celebrated our Silver Jubilee, marking 25 years of unity,  this was just the start of what we have to offer our community, we look forward to the next 25years and beyond, with the continued support from all our members. It is an honour to report on the formation of the organisation which began as the largest and the best ever project based community association from Kaira district in India.
THANK YOU TO BHADRANWASI JAY SHREE KRISHNA, JAY SHREE BHADRAKALI MAA Please feel free to provide us with any information you would like to publish on this site.  We would also like to apologise for any mistakes or names missed out, please do advise us if you spot any.
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